Stoneware Steins

Stoneware Steins

Stoneware Steins  -  Stoneware is a vitrified material and does not need any glaze to be impervious to liquids. Stoneware steins are usually salt glazed for decoration.

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 Stoneware Mustard 1/4L Westerwald : Cherub set on lid: Early 1800’s
48024. Stoneware Mustard 1/4L Westerwald Factory. Cherub set on lid. Reticulated body. Early 1800’s. Mint. ..
Stoneware 11" Screw Jug Kreussen Factory Circa 1640
48018. Stoneware 11" Screw Jug Kreussen Factory. Applied relief royal heads and floral. Circa 1640. Very good condition. ..
Stoneware 5L Bunzlau Factory Brown glazed body Pewter lid
48002. Stoneware 5L Bunzlau Factory. Brown glazed body. Pewter lid, body band and base rim. Very good condition. Unusual large size. ..
Stoneware Beer Stein 1L - Doulton Lambert - Silver lid - English
48001. Stoneware 1L. Doulton Lambert. Scratch floral decoration. Silver lid and lip rim. English silver marks. Mint. ..
Stoneware Etched 12 1/2" Pitcher: floral design w/ cobalt salt glaze
48034. Stoneware Etched 12 1/2" Pitcher. Busy floral design with cobalt salt glaze. Mint. ..
Stoneware HR #241 Threaded Relief 3L Floral design - German Beer Stein
48015. Stoneware HR #241 Threaded Relief 3L. Floral design. Mint. ..
Stoneware J Thewalt Relief 1/2L Art Nouveau student - German Stein
48008. Stoneware J Thewalt Relief 1/2L. Art Nouveau student dueling swords. Mint. ..
Stoneware POG 1/2L "Stuttgarter Hofbrau" - German Beer Stein
48010. Stoneware POG 1/2L. "Stuttgarter Hofbrau" with matching logo lid. Mint. ..
Stoneware POG 1L Student fraternal insignia Munich 1851-1926
48023. Stoneware POG 1L. Student fraternal insignia Munich 1851-1926. No lid. Mint...
Stoneware Relief 1L Farmer occupational scene - German Beer Stein
48014. Stoneware Relief 1L. Farmer occupational scene. Replaced old lid. ..
Stoneware relief 2L : Wilhelm I  a military figures: eagle set on lid
48035.  Stoneware relief 2L. Wilhelm I and two other military figures. Large figural eagle set on lid. Wing repair. ..
Stoneware Relief Stein 1/2L : Doulton Lambert - Fox hunt
48037.  Stoneware Relief 1/2L. Doulton Lambert. Fox hunt. Base rim glaze flake. ..
48021. Stoneware Spouted Jug 1 1/2L Burgel Factory. Blue glazed body. Circa 1780. Base chips and ground spot. Later lid. ..
Stoneware Stein #1569 Relief 1-1/4L Art Nouveau Original lid
48019. Stoneware #1569 Relief 1-1/4L. Art Nouveau. Original lid. Mint. ..
Stoneware Stein #1653 Relief 1/2L Art Nouveau bird design
48004. Stoneware #1653 Relief 1/2L. Art Nouveau bird design. Tall thumblift. Mint. ..
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